"Is it better to stay married or get a divorce?" 

You'll need to know your rights, talk money, kids' futures and your best options.


"I don't want to get screwed in a divorce." 

Divorce changes your plans.

And alters your life.

Get Divorce-Ready Now!

If you're thinking about divorce, you'll soon start to worry.  And you'll wonder, "What should I be doing now in case it doesn't work out?"

    • "So¬†I have enough money",
    • "So¬†I have a place where I want to live",
    • "So¬†I can protect our¬†kids and make sure they have what they need",
    • "So¬†I'll¬†have the support from¬†family, friends, and professionals",¬†
    • "So I feel comfortable knowing when I'll be able to retire",
    • "So I can get divorced without spending tens of thousands of dollars and it taking years to be done",
    • and "So¬†I¬†know I'll¬†have peace and¬†start over¬†being happy".

You need to be divorce-ready because you've heard of the horror stories of people who weren't.

You Can Keep What Matters Most Safe, Sound and Secure...

By Being Legally Ready,

Emotionally Set, and

Financially Prepared.

Get Divorce-Ready Now!

You Can Get Your

Best Divorce


By Being Legally Ready,

Emotionally Set, and

Financially Prepared.

Get Divorce-Ready Now!


I'm Latrice Knighton

And if you've landed here, you’re
a spouse who is hoping your marriage will work out.  
But you know some things are out of your control,
so you want to be divorce-ready to keep what matters
most safe, sound, and secure.  
You want to build up your confidence
and your inbox with resources,
trainings, and action steps to get you
your best divorce outcome.  
You're in the right place!
As a divorce lawyer and divorce-readiness
coach, I'm sharing with you the best
tips, strategies, and secrets of divorce
- just in case.


You'll decide what to do to get your
best divorce outcome - and how to get it 
- whether you decide to hire a lawyer 
or do-it-yourself. 
I'm here to help you be divorce-ready.

Before I was a divorce lawyer and divorce-readiness coach, I was right where you are...

I spent a lot of effort trying to save my marriage, including couples counseling.  As time moved on, I knew divorce was the only option. But it was hard to take the next step because I thought:  How could I possibly make it on my own?

I spent months searching the internet, plus talking with family and friends.  I did not want to end up broke, alone, and without options to rebuild.

Then, I decided to learn divorce law.  I prepared myself mentally and emotionally for the split. And  discovered what my financial options were before deciding what were the next best steps for me at that time and for my future.

And guess what?

I have multiplied my money, happiness and quality of life by SEVEN since my divorce. 

I now have a life I never dreamt possible.  

How?  By being divorce-ready and following-through with my plan.

Wondering where you begin your journey?


"Working with Latrice has changed my life. I ended my marriage with a divorce I think was extremely fair."

- Frank

"Last year, my life hit rock bottom with my divorce. Thanks to Latrice, I understood the divorce process in detail.  I was able to make choices that felt good to me."

- Emily

"I got exactly what I expected.  Latrice was Latrice was supportive, knowledgeable, attentive and competent. Thank you, Latrice"

- Becky

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"I don't want to get screwed in my divorce." 

Divorce changes plans.

And alters lives.

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