How Can Being Divorce-Ready Improve Your Life?

For me, being legally ready, emotionally set, and financially prepared made me feel CONFIDENT and IN CONTROL.

Being Legally Ready...

I've been helping people with divorces for a long time. As a divorce lawyer for 13 years, I've worked with thousands of clients and can easily explain all the legal stuff. Sometimes, the words used in a divorce case can be confusing, but I'll make sure you understand them. I'll show you what might happen in a divorce case and how to be ready for it. I can also help you know about the experts you might need, like counselors or financial advisors. I'll help you prepare for being in divorce court and dealing with all of  the different people.

...and Confidently Secure.

Feeling Emotionally Set...

As both a divorce coach for 13 years and someone who's been through a divorce, I understand the feelings people have during a divorce. I'm here to help you find ways to feel better - since I know dealing with your spouse can be really hard, especially when the messages you receive aren't clear or kind. I'll guide you on how to talk with your spouse during this time.  Plus, I'll share with you the tips, techniques, and strategies that have been helpful to many others navigating divorce. I'll give you resources, ways to get support from family and friends, and when to use professionals like therapists. These were all available to help me feel better.   I'll share what worked for me to assist you too.

...and Resilent 

Being Financially Prepared...

I understand that thinking about money during a divorce can be really frightening. As both a divorce attorney and a coach, I've worked with people from all financial backgrounds. In fact, when I started my own divorce journey, I was in a tough financial spot and had to completely rework my financial life. I know firsthand the struggles and challenges that come with it. Over the past thirteen years, I've worked closely with financial experts and clients, helping them analyze spending, create budgets, and explore opportunities for financial growth.

I'll assist you in understanding what the court might decide about money, the shared belongings, and what you might need for future support. Even during this tough time, it's crucial to consider your life ahead and plan for retirement. I can guide you in making decisions that not only ensure the best outcome now but also in the long run, providing a secure financial future, even when you're thinking about retiring.

...and Empowered.

Why Are You Called the Divorce Insider?          What Is It That You Do As the Divorce Insider? 

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A Little About Me


I have been practicing as a divorce lawyer for more than 13 years in Wisconsin.

I am certified as a life coach.

I combined my skills as a divorce attorney and life coach training to be your divorce-readiness coach.

I was named as a Woman Trailblazer in Business by the Wisconsin Governor.

I was recognized as 40 Under 40 by the Milwaukee Business Journal.

I have been named a Leading Lawyer by M Magazine.

I'm a remarried mother of six year old twins, and dog mom to a Standard Schnauzer named Anakin.

I love to watch "reality" dating and marriage shows like Love is Blind, Married at First Sight, and Golden Bachelor. 


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