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INTRODUCING The Marriage VS Divorce Podcast

Apr 19, 2024
Marriage VS Divorce Podcast with picture of Attorney Latrice Knighton

Did you know that 1 in 3 spouses who are considering divorce right now have been thinking about it for more than 2 years?  Does any of this sound familiar: "What am I going to lose in a divorce?", "Is my spouse going to come out financially better than me?" "Should we stay together for the kids?" and "What if I'm not happier even after we divorce?" don't have to wonder any longer.  If you are facing challenges in your marriage and you’re asking yourself:  is it better to stay married or get a divorce? I'm here to help you get clear answers!

Hi, I'm Latrice Knighton.  I’m known as the Divorce Insider.  I've been providing clarity and a roadmap for spouses to get out of tough situations for more than 13 years.  I use my experience and passion as a divorce attorney, life coach, and divorcee, to help my clients find their best resolutions.   

I'll be providing thoughtful options for tough situations. From money problems to infidelity.   Boredom to addiction.  No Communication to Constant Arguing.  We'll tackle the highs and lows of marriage relationships together, including the pros and cons of common solutions.  Plus, I’ll give you a breakdown of what could happen if you end up in divorce court.

 Divorce isn't just a legal process; it's an emotional journey that can deeply impact you and your family. I’m telling you that now to show you that I don’t sugarcoat any of the challenges of your decisions. 

However, you’ll hear about real-life individuals who have navigated marital difficulties who came out stronger together and those who came out stronger apart to give you hope and inspiration.  I've got you covered with valuable insights you won't find anywhere else.  

So whether you're fighting to keep your marriage alive or on the brink of divorce, I’m here to guide you through it all.  Let’s navigate the complexities of marriage and divorce together. This is the Marriage VS Divorce Podcast.


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