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#1 Mistake That Keeps A Spouse From Moving Out Before Divorce

before divorce Jan 08, 2024
Moving Out Before Divorce with dog in a box

Divorce is a big change, especially when it means thinking about moving out. It can be scary because it might feel like leaving your family behind or possibly losing the equity in your home. But with a plan and taking action on 3 simple steps, you can get moving forward.

Feeling Scared is Normal If Your Thinking about Moving Out Before Divorce

When you think that you and your spouse are going to divorce, you feel a lot of uncertainty and confusion.  You may want to move out but you start to question if its the right choice.  Maybe because you think your abandoning your children or that you'll lose your equity in the home.   As you know, at the end of a divorce, you and your spouse will no longer be living together.  So take a deep breath.  You are not doing anything wrong but considering what the natural transition will be.  

Take some time to consider below the steps to move out if you believe you are headed towards a divorce.

Steps to Make Moving Out Before Divorce Easier if Your Relationship is Ending

  1. Think About Your New Home: Picture where you want to live. Maybe it's close to your school or where your friends are. That helps you feel more comfortable about the change.

  2. Rent or Buy: Decide if you want to rent or buy a new place. If buying, talk to someone who can lend you money (like a bank) and find a person who can help you find the right house in a neighborhood you can afford (like a realtor).

  3. Pack Your Stuff: Start thinking about what things are most important to take with you. You are going to be starting over in many ways with more new and unforseen costs.  You should have some items with you.

Sharing Things Fairly If Your Moving Out Before Divorce

Sometimes, worrying about the house and who gets what can be a big deal. Ask someone who knows about these things (like a lawyer) to help figure it out fairly.

Seeing Your Family If Your Moving Out Before Divorce

Moving doesn't mean you're leaving your family forever. You can plan times to see them and spend time together. It's about finding a new way to be close, even if you're in different homes.

Starting a New Chapter If Your Moving Out Before Divorce

Moving during a divorce can be tough, but it's about starting fresh. By making plans, thinking about what's important, and making sure things are fair, you can feel more confident about the changes.

In the end, even though moving out can be hard, by taking small steps and thinking about the future, it can be a little easier to handle.


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